Integrating Aardvark Mailing List into your site

This code will subscribe users to the mailing list "DestinyBBW"

To allow people to subscribe to your mailing list you need to put the one of the following pieces of HTML code into the pages of your web site.

Please choose one of the integration options below:

  • Click the appropriate button to highlight the code
  • Copy the code and paste into your web design software
  • Upload to your web site
  • You should be ready to accept subscriptions

  • Alternatively, give your web site designer this address to access this page
    (no need to give any 3rd party your username/password however):

  • Please note: each mailing list has a unique code therefore if you have more than one mailing list you will need to get the correct code for each.

    To maximise the number of subscribers, we recommend adding this code to as many pages on your web site as possible.

Simple Form    :-:   Text Link    :-:   Direct Link

Signup Form
A simple form for easy integration into existing pages
or a new page about the mailing list

Signup Text Link
A simple text link which takes the user to the signup form
Useful for adding to existing navigation

Direct Signup Link
If you don't have a web site or you just want to invite selected people to join the mailing list
you can just send them the following link to take them to the signup page.

Please remember, the Aardvark Mailing terms & conditions DO NOT allow
you to send unsolicited bulk mail (spam) asking people to join your list.

Only use this method to send to selected people who you already know,
eg: members of your organisation or people on an existing opt-in mailing list that you run